Jazz Fest welcomes people of all abilities to come out to the Festival and enjoy the music, food, art, and cultural heritage of New Orleans. The Access Program’s team of staff is dedicated to ensuring that the Festival is accessible to patrons who have disabilities.

If you have questions about the information provided below before the Festival,
please email access@nojazzfest.com

The Access Center



The Access Center is located in front of the Grandstand, in between the Gentilly Blvd and Sauvage St. pedestrian gates.


Stop by the Access Center during the Festival for:

  • Helpful staff and volunteers who are available to provide information and answer your questions about the Festival’s accessibility
  • Access Map showing the location of accessible routes, restrooms, and viewing areas
  • An accommodation request for accessible restrooms or viewing areas
  • Pick up alternate format materials that were requested in advance (Large print, Braille, audio description, etc.)
  • ASL interpretation
  • Daily schedule of ASL Interpreted Performances
  • Assistive Listening Devices available for check-out with an ID

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Please Click Here for the Festival’s Access Map, which shows the festival offerings and the accessibility features of the site.

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Patrons with disabilities do not need to purchase a specific type of ticket for entrance into the Festival. Festival tickets are available as a General Admission Single Day Ticket, General Admission Weekend Packages, or VIP Ticket Packages.  Please purchase a General Admission or VIP Ticket and accommodations will be made for you on-site. Click here or visit https://www.nojazzfest.com/tickets for more information on tickets.

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Accessible Onsite Parking
General Admission

The only onsite general admission parking available at the Festival is for patrons with disabilities who have a valid (not expired) state issued accessible car placard or license plates. By state law, the person who the pass is issued to must be present in the vehicle.

Parking in this accessible lot is $50 per day. Credit card payment only, no cash is accepted.

The entrance to the accessible parking area is on Gentilly Blvd, between Aubry St. and D’Abadie St. Once parked, patrons will enter the Festival through the accessible Gentilly pedestrian gate.

Space is limited. Accessible parking is on a first-come-first-served basis and space cannot be guaranteed. Please arrive early or when the gates open to assure parking will be available.

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There are VIP packages that include the option to purchase parking in advance. ADA parking is available for VIP ticket packages.  Click here or visit https://www.nojazzfest.com/tickets/ for more information on the VIP Packages.

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Shuttle Service
Jazz Fest Express Shuttle Service

The Jazz Fest Express shuttle service provides continuous round-trip transportation to and from the Festival grounds. Click here or visit https://www.graylineneworleans.com/jazz-fest-express

The Shuttle picks up from 4 locations – the Sheraton Hotel (500 Canal Street), the Steamboat Natchez Dock (400 Toulouse St. & the River), the South Market District (1250 Poydras St), and the Wisner City Park Lot (at 5700 Wisner Blvd on Google Maps) – and drops off/picks up at the Festival from 10:30-7:30pm. Round trip transportation is provided. Parking at the Sheraton Hotel is valet only and for a fee, in addition to the Shuttle ticket. Parking at the Steamboat Natchez Dock is in large self-park surface lots for a fee, in addition to the Shuttle ticket. Parking at the Wisner Lot is provided in a large field and there is no additional charge for parking with individual purchase of a Shuttle ticket. ADA parking stalls are provided at the parking lots. After exiting the shuttle, you’ll enter the Festival through an entrance on Gentilly Blvd side. Please follow the signs for Shuttle patrons and accessible routes.

Lift-equipped buses are available to assist patrons who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices. Not all shuttle buses are equipped with lifts. If you are in need of a bus equipped with a lift, email tours@glnosc.com or call Gray Line in advance at 504-569-1401 or 800-233-2628. Or when you arrive at the shuttle pickup or drop-off area, please alert the attendant and a bus with a lift should arrive within 30 minutes.

Purchase round trip tickets for the Shuttle on the shuttle webpage https://www.graylineneworleans.com/jazz-fest-express.
One-way tickets are sold only onsite at Jazz Festival Grounds, they are not sold online.
Loading and Unloading Zone for Patrons with Disabilities

An accessible loading and unloading zone for use only by patrons with disabilities is located on Gentilly Blvd, between Onzaga St.  and D’Abadie St. –  near the Gentilly pedestrian gate. When arriving or leaving by Taxi or RTA Paratransit, direct the driver to the marked accessible loading zone. Access staff and NOPD monitor use of the loading zone.

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RTA Public Streetcars and Buses

All standard RTA buses contain features and equipment that allow persons with disabilities to board, ride, and exit vehicles easily and comfortably.

The RED streetcars that travel the Canal St., Rampart, and Riverfront lines are accessible to persons with disabilities and are equipped with lifts for wheelchair transport. Some of the GREEN street cars that travel the St. Charles Avenue line are ADA-accessible. St. Charles streetcars operate approximately every hour.

For the most up to date information visit the RTA’s accessibility website.

RTA Paratransit Service

RTA offers paratransit shuttle service to riders who are not able to utilize the public bus and streetcar system. A reservation must be made in advance and an active paratransit card is required.

For more information on applying for paratransit services contact RTA’s ADA Office at 504-827-8345 (main), 504-827-7832 (TTY), or visit Eligibility for Paratransit.

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Pedestrian Gates

We encourage patrons who have disabilities to enter and exit the festival through the Festival’s main pedestrian gates – either Gentilly Blvd or Sauvage Street. These gates are accessible and convenient to the Access Center and the accessible pathways throughout the Festival.

The accessible onsite parking lot, accessible loading/unloading zone, and Jazz Fest Express Shuttle drop off area are closest to the Gentilly Blvd. pedestrian gate.

After entering the festival, if you have a disability and need an accommodation please stop by the Access Center. The Access Center is located in front of the Grandstand in between the Gentilly Blvd and Sauvage St pedestrian gates.

Security Screening

All patrons entering the festival are subject to security screening. Security staff are trained to screen patrons with disabilities for prohibited items.

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A continuous accessible route is provided from the Festival entrances, throughout the site, to Festival offerings. The route is constructed of various materials (concrete sidewalks, wood ramps, plastic pathways and flooring) that provide a firm and generally level surface.

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Wheelchairs, medical scooters, rollators, walkers, canes, crutches, and other similar devices are permitted at the Festival to assist patrons with disabilities.

Jazz Fest does not provide personal care, golf cart rides, or wheelchair push service. Please bring an attendant if needed. Please come prepared, as we are unfortunately unable to assist with repair or charging of mobility devices.

For safety reasons, unusually large devices, Segways, and motorized coolers are not permitted. Requests to use other power-driven mobility devices will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please email access@nojazzfest.com with any inquiries. Keep in mind that because of the large crowds and children at the Festival, fast, large, or heavy mobility devices are not safe for use at the Festival.

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Wheelchairs for Loan from The Paralyzed Veterans of America

Volunteers from the Gulf Coast Chapter of the PVA generously operate a booth where conventional wheelchairs are loaned to patrons with disabilities on a first come/serve basis. They do run out of wheelchairs on busy days. Please arrive before 1:00pm to ensure a chair is available. There is no set fee, but they do accept donations. Please prepare to leave your identification for this service.

The PVA booth is located inside the Gentilly Blvd. Pedestrian Gate, near the Access Center.

Unfortunately, Festival staff members are not permitted to provide golf cart rides or wheelchair push service from shuttle drop-off locations or entry gates to the PVA Booth. Please enter the festival at the Gentilly Pedestrian Gate for the shortest accessible route to the PVA Booth.

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All patrons are allowed to bring their own personal folding chair and umbrella into the general seating areas of the festival. If use of a personal chair in general seating areas meet your needs, please utilize general seating. Please see the FAQ What Can You Bring to the Fest? for info on the types of chairs allowed onsite generally and for May 2 specifically. Please email access@nojazzfest.com with any questions.

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Accessible Viewing Areas at Stages – General Admission

The designated accessible viewing areas are primarily for patrons who use wheelchairs and patrons with significant mobility disabilities who cannot traverse the site and are not accommodated by bringing their own chair or blanket to sit in general seating areas.

One companion may accompany an individual with a disability in the accessible viewing areas.

A wristband is required to enter the accessible viewing areas. Please visit the Access Center when you arrive at the Festival to request an accommodation. The wristband changes daily. Please stop by the Access Center on each day that accessible viewing is needed.

Please note:

  • Any person who attempts to use the accessible viewing areas fraudulently, or who attempts to help others do so, will be removed from the area and/or the Festival.
  • Patrons are not permitted to reserve seats in the accessible viewing areas.
  • The accessible viewing areas are non-smoking.
  • During the most highly attended shows these viewing areas, as the entire Festival, can become crowded. In order to keep these areas at a safe capacity, patrons may be asked to wait close by and staff will allow entry if, and when space has opened up in these areas.

Accessible viewing areas are not for:

  • patrons who can navigate the site and use the general seating areas
  • patrons who are accommodated by bringing their own folding chair or umbrella
  • patrons with slight injuries
  • patrons who have disabilities that are not accommodated by wheelchair accessible viewing areas
  • patrons who are pregnant and not disabled

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Seating in Tents

All 6 of the Festival’s music tents (Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Economy Hall, Lagniappe, and Kids) are on accessible routes and provide folding chairs for guests.  Patrons are welcome to bring personal folding chairs and set them up on the outside perimeter of the tents, as directed by signage and staff.

Additionally, all tents have wheelchair spaces for patrons who use wheelchairs. There is one reserved companion chair next to each wheelchair accessible space. These wheelchair accessible spaces are marked with yellow signs that have the International Symbol of Accessibility on them. Tent ushers are available to assist patrons to locate these spaces as needed.

No wristband is needed to use the wheelchair and companion spaces in the music tents.

These spaces are not for patrons who do not use wheelchairs. Patrons with mobility or visual disabilities who do not use wheelchairs are encouraged to use the other seats provided in the tents or bring their own chairs to set up outside the tents.

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Seating in the Grandstand

The Grandstand is located in between the Sauvage and Gentilly Pedestrian Entrances. It’s the Festival’s air-conditioned building, a great place to escape the heat and enjoy food, music, and photography.

It has a number of stages and seating areas that provide respite from the weather and excitement of the Festival.

The Food Heritage stage has designated spaces for patrons who use wheelchairs. There is one reserved companion chair next to each wheelchair accessible space.

The Alison Miner Music Heritage stage has wheelchair accessible seating on the third floor of the Grandstand. This stage may be accessed by the elevators located in the Grandstand building. Look for the doors located to the rear of the Lagniappe Stage seating area (east of the Grandstand).

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Artist Booths, Food Vendors, and Picnic Areas

Craft and artist vendors are on an accessible route and the majority of service counters are at an accessible height. Vendors are available to assist you with purchases as needed.

Accessible picnic tables for patrons who use wheelchairs are available throughout the Festival.

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Advanced Wayfinding

The opportunity for advanced wayfinding on the Festival site is available for patrons who are blind or have low vision. Patrons who are blind or have low vision may request a walkthrough of the site on a Festival day to familiarize themselves with the location of Festival offerings.

A valid ticket and advance notice of at least two weeks is required. Please contact us at access@nojazzfest.com for more information.


Alternative formats (braille, large print, audio, etc.) of the Festival’s information is available upon request. Please submit your request to the Access program at least 21 business days before the Festival weekend you plan to attend.


Patrons who are not able to traverse the site and use the Festivals’ general seating areas due to visual disabilities may use the designated general admission accessible viewing areas.  Please see Viewing Areas at  Stages – General Admission.


Patrons are welcome to bring and use personal assistive devices such as prescription magnifiers or binoculars at the Festival.

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An ASL interpreter is available at the Access Center and at some of the Festival’s information booths.


Jazz Fest provides Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) for the Festival and Gentilly stages. These are available for check out at the Access Center.


The Festival provides ASL interpretation of performances on an as-requested basis. To request interpretation please submit your request to the Access team no later than April 1. In order to provide the best service possible, our interpreters must have time to prepare. Requests submitted after the deadline, or at the Festival, will be accommodated to the very best of our ability.

Please visit the Access Center or Festival Info Booths during the Festival for a daily schedule of interpreted performances.

An accessible viewing area for patrons who utilize ASL interpretation is available at each stage where ASL interpreted shows are provided. A wristband is required for entry into the ASL interpreter viewing areas. Please visit the Access Center to request this accommodation. The wristband changes daily. Please stop by the Access Center on each day that ASL interpretation is needed.

Please note:

  • Any person who attempts to use the ASL viewing areas fraudulently, or who attempts to help others do so, will be removed from the viewing area and/or the Festival.
  • These viewing areas are reserved for deaf or hard of hearing patrons who utilize ASL interpretation.
  • These viewing areas are NOT for patrons who have disabilities that are not accommodated by an ASL interpreter.

These viewing areas have a limited capacity and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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The Grandstand building may be used as a place of respite for patrons who have sensory disabilities and need a break from the Festival’s vibrant sites and sounds. The building is air conditioned and usually provides a place of quiet and calm. There are other areas throughout the Festival grounds that are generally less crowded.

Patrons are welcome to bring personal devices such as noise canceling headphones or other self-soothing items to reduce the impact of the sensory environment.

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The restrooms located in the Grandstand Building are accessible and staffed by attendants.

Accessible portable toilets are located conveniently around the festival grounds. The accessible portable toilets on the sand track are unlocked. The portable toilets located in the grassy area of the Festival are locked to prevent misuse. Please stop by the Access Center when you arrive to request this accommodation, obtain the code, and a map that shows the location of the accessible portable toilets.

Please do not share the combination with others. Access staff works very hard to keep the accessible port-o-lets clean for the people that need them. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

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Patrons with disabilities are welcome to utilize fully-trained service animals at the Festival.

The following types of animals are NOT permitted at the Festival:

  • Pets
  • Animals that provide comfort or emotional support
  • Service animals-in-training
  • Service animals that are not under the complete control of their handlers

Animals will be screened by Access staff upon entry to the festival. Patrons with animals that are not fully trained will be asked to remove their animal from the Festival. Patrons may return without the animal. Ticketing refunds will be reviewed by Access staff on a case-by-case basis.

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To request further information about New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival’s accessibility for people with disabilities please email access@nojazzfest.com or call 504-224-9767.

On Festival days, please stop by the Access Center for additional information.


Do you have comments or suggestions? Please let us know what services worked for you and what we could improve upon.