Always helps to be prepared when coming to the Fest!
Check out our FAQ’s below for some pro tips, general info, and other important tid bits. See you at the Fest!

What is Jazz Fest?
When and where is it held?
What can you bring to the Fest?
What can you bring on May 2 (The Rolling Stones)
Is Jazz the only music featured at the Jazz Festival?
When is the performance schedule released?
When do tickets go on sale?
How can I purchase tickets?
How much do tickets cost?
How do I get to the Festival / Fair Grounds Race Course?
What does "Jazz Fest is Cashless" Mean?
Do you help Festivalgoers in booking hotel rooms?
Do you advise making a hotel reservation in advance?
Do you have a lost & found
Is the Festival accessible to people with disabilities?
Any tips on preparation for a day at Jazz Fest – what to wear, things like that?
Is there an area where a mother can pump breastmilk while at the festival?
I hear they eat only crawfish and alligator in Louisiana. Is that all that will be available in the food areas?
What about vegetarian items?
I can only attend for one weekend. Which do you recommend?
I have an old Jazz Fest poster and I hear it may be worth something. How can I find out?
I’d like to work and/or volunteer for Jazz Fest. Who do I contact?
To Apply to Perform at Jazz Fest 2024
How can I apply for a crafts booth?
How can I apply for a food booth?
I’m a journalist interested in covering the Festival. How can I apply for press credentials?
My company is interested in becoming a Sponsor.
COVID-19 Information