The 2020 Cultural Exchange Pavilion will showcase the vibrant music and culture of Puerto Rico.  

Puerto Rican bomba, plena, salsa and reggaeton rhythms will echo across the Festival with parades and live performances on various stages, and inside the Cultural Exchange Pavilion – Over 150 Puerto Rican artists, including 18 bands will be featured, ranging from salsa legends El Gran Combo to cuatro guitar virtuoso Christian Nieves and reggaeton superstar Nicky Jam.

Puerto Rican artists scheduled to appear on the first weekend of the Festival include El Gran Combo, PJ Sin Suela, Michael Stuart, Plena Libre, La Raíz, Esencia, Christian Nieves & Herencia Musical de Puerto Rico, and Plena Callejera.  Nicky Jam, iLe, Pirulo y La Tribu, Charlie Sepulveda and The Turnaround, La Tribu de Abrante, Viento de Agua, Atabal, Conjunto Típico Samaritano, and Son del Batey will perform on second weekend. La Comparsa de Puerto Rico featuring folkloric vejigante characters will parade throughout the Fair Grounds over both weekends.

Inside the Pavilion, a dozen Puerto Rican visual artists and master artisans will share their traditions and creative process throughout the eight days of the Festival.

In keeping with the Pavilion’s eclectic world music programming of the past two years, stage performances by international artists from Gambia, Niger and Cuba and more will pepper the celebration of Puerto Rican music and culture inside the Pavilion.