The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival presented by Shell
is now accepting crafts applicants for its 2023 event.

First Weekend: 
April 28, 29, 30, 2023
Second Weekend: May 4, 5, 6, 7, 2023
Hours Of Operation: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM Daily
(There are no substitute rain dates.)


Thursday, October 17, 5:30 to 7:00 PM

La. GUILD at Canal Place

333 Canal Street Second Floor

RSVP requested (Free Event): 
Click here to RSVP:
Louisiana Crafts Guild (504) 592-7633

 For helpful application guidance from three of the top rated national art fair shows:

This popular podcast, titled “10 reasons you didn’t get in the art fair”,
includes Margue Esrock from the St. James Art Show,
Cindy Lerick from St. Louis Art Fair and
Christine Berthiaume of New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.
Constance Mettler of Artfair Calendar and Artfair Insiders is the show hostess.


The Festival will once again showcase three unique craft areas.

Congo Square African Marketplace: features unique, handcrafted artwork that reflects cultural influences seen throughout the African Diaspora. Presentations by artists and vendors resonate with the rich African-Caribbean cultural legacy in Congo Square.
Click Here to Apply Online.

Contemporary Crafts: presents work by both Louisiana and the nation’s most talented contemporary artists. It features original, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind and limited edition designs, accepting applicants from all crafts, media and disciplines.
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Louisiana Marketplace: introduces Festival-goers to a variety of handcrafted works by only Louisiana artisans and craftspeople. The Marketplace showcases works that express various aspects of the state’s unique cultural heritage.
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APPLICATION DEADLINE: 11/29/2022 (Before Midnight CST)

Application Process

Application will be accepted and processed online through™. If you do not already have an account with ZAPPlication, please visit their webpage to establish an account prior to applying to the show,


Images: 5 (4 of artwork – 1 of booth display)

Application Fee: $35.00

NOTE: Please focus on Image Preparation before applying to show:

  1. Each Applicant Must Submit: Four (4) digital artwork images that best represent current work along with one (1) digital image of booth display. Note: this is a blind jury process; there should be NO images with identifiable signatures, signage or photo of the artist. Images with any identifying information will result in jury score point deduction.
  2. Artwork Image Guidelines: If artist intends to exhibit both production and one-of-a-kind work, images must illustrate each type proportionally. No production work or inordinate proportion of work not represented in images is permitted.
  3. Booth Image Guidelines: The booth image represents a full view of the booth display and should not be empty but filled with your artwork. If a booth image is unavailable, the artist may submit an image taken of a grouping of works representative of the works to be exhibited at the show. Jurors will be able to note scale and dimension. Most important, the booth display image must have the same body of work as the four other artwork images. If production work shows in the booth display image, that same percentage of production work must be reflected in the artwork images. If the artwork images show four one-of-a-kind or high-end pieces, then your booth image should be filled with only one-of-a-kind or high-end work. In addition, the booth image instantly reflects the artist’s ability to showcase their work, further representing that artist’s particular aesthetic.
  4. Any work outside of the medium and/or context of the 4 images submitted that may appear in the booth shot would not be considered acceptey by the jury due to it’s meer presence in the booth image
  5. All Images Must Be: In 1920 pixel horizontal x 1920 pixel vertical format. For more information, access

December 2, 2019:Application deadline
January 15, 2020:Notifications sent
March 2, 2020:Signed agreements, booth fees, and insurance due
April 22, 2020:Set-up day (1st Weekend)
April 23, 24, 25, 26 2020:Event days (1st Weekend)
April 29, 2020:Set-up day (2nd Weekend)
April 30, May 1, 2, 3, 2020
Event days (2nd Weekend)


A panel consisting of peers and art professionals reviews all submissions and selects exhibitors. A new panel is seated each year.

  1. A code number is assigned for each application, so that jurying is anonymous.
  2. Selection criteria include creativity, uniqueness, concept, and craftsmanship, as well as the need to achieve a balance of media categories.
  3. Staff will read Artist Information Statement to jurors. The process, materials, dimensions for each image will also be made available to the jury upon request.
  4. Applications not selected by panel will not be further considered.


Each application must be accompanied by the $30 application fee payment. Applicants may choose to pay online with Visa or MasterCard, or pay by MONEY ORDER OR CASHIERS CHECK ONLY made payable to: New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Foundation, Inc.