Cultural Exchange Pavilion Exhibit 2019

JAZZ FEST @ 50: The World Within –
Celebrating the Festival’s History of Cultural Exchange

Starting as early as 1975, Jazz Fest has been celebrating Louisiana’s multicultural heritage by featuring artists from Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and beyond. This commitment culminated with the establishment of the Cultural Exchange Pavilion dedicated to the music and culture of Haiti in 1996. Since then, the Pavilion has been a hub of cultural exchange, featuring artists from many countries and cultures including Mali, Panama, Brazil, Martinique, South Africa, Belize, and Cuba.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Festival, the photography exhibit, JAZZ FEST @ 50: The World Within illustrates unique international artists who have appeared at the Festival since its early days, with an emphasis on the many countries and cultures featured at the Cultural Exchange Pavilion since its creation in 1996.

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