CEP Artist Demonstrations 2019

Artist Demonstrations

First Weekend, April 25 – 28, 11am – 6pm

Didier Civil – Papier Mâché Masks – Haiti
The seaside town of Jacmel, Haiti, is renowned for its highly creative carnival and is home to a community of master artisans who produce the town’s annual carnival masks in papier-mâché. One of Jacmel’s most accomplished artists, Didier Civil returns to the Festival to demonstrate the making of one-of-a-kind masks ranging from fantastical creatures to realistic portraits. Featured at the Cultural Exchange Pavilion celebrating Haiti in 2011

Marie-Lissa Lafontant – Drapo Art – Haiti
Known around the world as Drapo Art, each Vodou flag varies in size and is typically colorful and vibrant bead and sequin combinations sewn on cloth or a rice sack, with a satin backing and border. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Marie-Lissa Lafontant learned from her grandmother, a flag-maker and vodou priestess. She has been sewing vodou flags for over 40 years. Featured at the Cultural Exchange Pavilion celebrating Haiti in 2011.

Bongani Khumalo – Wire and Bead Art – South Africa
Bongani Khumalo learned to create artifacts out of beads and wire in the streets of Cape Town, South Africa. He founded the artist coop Beads and Wire Connection, and specializes in high-end animal sculptures with beads and wire, ranging from small to life-size animals. Khumalo will make his appearance at the Festival.

Beauty Ngxongo – Zulu Baskets – South Africa
Beauty Ngxongo is a world-renowned artist from Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa who helped revive the Zulu Basketry tradition in the late 1960’s. All made from natural resources, her baskets blur the line between utilitarian craft and fine art. Beauty is participating in honor of her late daughter Edna. Daughter Edna Ngxongo was featured at the Cultural Exchange Pavilion celebrating South Africa in 2004.

José Ernesto Aguilera – Humidor Maker – Cuba
Jose Ernesto Aguilera is a self-trained artisan and goldsmith from Havana and the owner of Humidores Habana, which manufactures and exports Cuban humidors throughout the world. He is renowned for his one-of-a-kind humidor pieces, combining metal and wood into beautiful works of art. Featured at the Cultural Exchange Pavilion celebrating Cuba in 2017.

Both weekends, 11am – 6pm

James Acheampong – Asante Drum Carver – Ghana
James Acheampong is a drummer, drum-maker and sculptor from Kumasi, Ghana. Using old symbolic patterns as well as his own unique designs, Acheampong introduced innovations in the making of the Asante drums and transforms his instruments into artwork.
Featured at Congo Square’s Sankoré Pavilion in 2004 and 2007

Second Weekend, May 2 – 5, 11am – 6pm

Jacques Eugène – Metal Sculpture – Haiti
The Haitian village of Croix Des Bouquets is the home of a thriving artisan community transforming raw metal drums into stunning iron sculptures. Recognized as part of a new generation of master-artisans from Croix Des Bouquets, Jacques Eugène combines other scrap metal and recycled material into works of art. Featured at the Cultural Exchange Pavilion celebrating Haiti in 2011.

Nozimasile Makhubalo – Embroidery – South Africa
Nozimasile Makhubalo is part of the Keiskamma Art Project, a community initiative of over 100 South African artists and crafters based in Hambourg, South Africa. She draws most of the designs for their cushion covers and quilts and was one of the chief designers of the Keiskamma tapestry, a work over 400 feet-long on permanent display in the South African Parliament. Featured at the Cultural Exchange Pavilion celebrating South Africa in 2004.

Zodwa Maphumulo – Telephone Wire Plates – South Africa
Zodwa Maphumulo was one of the first women to learn to weave telephone wires into colorful plates. She has developed her own style that incorporates geometric and figurative elements, gaining recognition in public and private collections around the world.
Featured at the Cultural Exchange Pavilion celebrating South Africa in 2004.

Sérgio Cezar – Cardboard Architecture – Brazil
Sérgio Cezar is a Rio de Janeiro artist who uses cardboard and recycled materials to create houses, shacks and slums that depict the harsh reality of social inequality in Brazil. For his demonstration at the Festival in 2014, Cezar recreated a small-scale version of a Rio neighborhood incorporating found objects from New Orleans. Featured at the Cultural Exchange Pavilion celebrating Brazil in 2014.

Stephen Jerome Bain – Junkanoo Costumes – The Bahamas
Stephen Bain is the Deputy Chairman of the Valley Boys, one of the main Junkanoo parading groups in Nassau, Bahamas. He joined the Valley Boys at the age of seven, and he learned the many facets of the Junkanoo traditions, whether it is drumming, dancing, playing the cowbell, or creating costumes. Performed at the Festival in 1989 with the Valley Boys Bahamas Junkanoo Parade.

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